Build, boost, sustain your music career

Vincent Hervy
Founder & CEO at Reach My Fans

"The holistic approach to build your music career."

I could brag about having been a successful artist, a successful musician’s manager, or having led a successful label.

But let’s be honest, if all of that was working out so well for me, do you think I would spend my time helping others? I would be too busy handling my own stuff!

I’m none of that, though. I guess you could call me a “nobody.”

Of course, to be involved in the “music industry,” most of us start out by making music. That’s where my story begins. Then I founded my own recording studio, where I was a mixing and mastering engineer.

I worked with artists all over the world, and trust me, I mean it: Asia – Europe – Africa – North and South Americas.

My roster included independent artists, musicians working with boutique labels, and even major touring acts.


Here’s the plot twist:

I left music behind. To cut a long story short, I eventually founded my own tech startup company for three years. My platform was innovative and received recognition from various leading organizations and public authorities throughout the industry.

Sure, it was demanding and intellectually challenging, but boring as f*ck when compared to working with artists.

Deep down, I’m an entrepreneur through-and-through, who truly cares about impacting people in meaningful ways. I finally found the sweet spot where my strengths and passions align: People – Music – Business

I will not brag about having worked with [insert fancy award here] – nominated artists. It’s all meaningless to me.

What I want to take credit for is for positively impacting and changing people’s lives.

My artists, my students…



Phase 1 - Build
Before doing anything else, we need to build your foundation. This is the structure that will sustain you over time. Build a handful of raving fans and start generating revenue. The goal is to go from 0 to 500+ fans to make around $10k+, without spending any money on advertisements.
Phase 2 - Boost
Now that you have a core fan group, you’re bringing in a revenue stream. It's time to invest to reach a bigger audience, and generate even more income. Advertising costs money, and you need to have the necessary fuel to keep the machine functioning at a high level. This phase is critical to keep growing your fanbase, your streams, your merchandise sales, and beyond.
Phase 3 - Sustain
You know how to build, you know how to boost, and you understand how it relates to generating recurring revenue. This phase can and will last as long as your music career. You are ready to execute for life!