bring talented
music producers to the next level.

some case studies.

$2,000/m to $8,000/m
in 3 months

He had a good business foundation but was overwhelmed with outreach and content strategy. It took him time to close a client with long back and forth and follow-ups in the process. We changed his approach between the content and sales strategy. This allowed him to increase his monthly revenue and have over $40k of projects planned for the year. Through a specific ads strategy, bringing a 30x return on ads spent. (for every $1 spent, he got $30 back) allowing him to go on holiday for almost a month and only spend a couple of hours to keep on booking new clients for his return.

$500/m to $10,000/m
in 6 months

When we first met, he worked on only a few projects. He produced, mixed, and mastered tracks for less-than-ideal artists for a mere $500 per project. Within the first three months, we increased his rate and focused on music production only, allowing him to grow his business rapidly and hit his first big milestone of $10k in one month. Then, the main challenge for him was to stay consistent with his income while not feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. His highest month is $15k, and he works on projects he likes. He’s now working on expanding his career and generating more passive income to allow him to take some bets. 

tired of...

Working with untalented and uninspiring artists?

Not having enough projects coming through each month?

Incredible productions you've worked on and yet no streams?

Low-paying work, fighting for your worth, accepting sh**** deals?

Inconsistent income, not knowing what will happen next month?

Not feeling proud of the artists you have worked with?

Artists with no tractions asking for collabs?

Having no control over your career and business growth?

Being the plan B, the cheap producer to work with?


The 360º Accelerator Program

You need the right mindset, tools, processes, and strategies with a guided action plan to build the business and career you dreamed of.
From here, you'll get "lucky."



#1 Unlimited Top Artists Finder

Identify, define, and find an unlimited amount of artists you will feel excited about working with. They are talented and know what it is to invest in their music career and the importance of paying their music producers and the whole team.

#2 Client Attraction Method

Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You don’t need to post daily or have thousands of followers to make 6-figure a year. With the right strategy, attract a new audience and nurture and convert your existing relationships—strategies for Instagram and TikTok.

#3 Conversation Mastery

Most people don’t know the art of communication in their personal lives, so how can we expect them to have this skill for business? From a total stranger to a long-lasting relationship, this structure helps you sell effortlessly and create more opportunities than you can handle.

#4 Assets De-multiplier

Each action, each step you are taking, creates an asset, either to save time, scale your marketing efforts, or increase and multiply your sources of income. By understanding and applying those principles, you will never experience a down month ever again.

#5 Effortless Scaling System

At this point, you know your ideal audience and how to approach, attract, engage, and sell. It’s time to accelerate the process and start creating more opportunities to scale your business with this effortless ad strategy, creating between 6x to 20x return on ads spent. For each $1 you put in, get $6 to $20 back!

#6 Super Star Mindset

If you are not where you want to be today, you lack the proper action plans, and your mindset is holding you back—your relationship with money, self-esteem, self-worth, resiliency, discipline, and motivation. Stop blowing up opportunities and get the life you want.

Vincent Hervy.

I used to be a mixing engineer. I stopped in 2017, and my official last record, released in 2018, gathered over 150 million streams for a major artist.

The moment it took off (charging up to $2k per mix), I jumped into the startup world, and I’ve been coaching since 2019—more entrepreneur than staying in my room mixing records. I still make music for myself and with people close to me. 

If I haven’t brought my studio to six figures a year, my clients have and continue to do so. Some are happy with less, and some want more. What matters is not how much you make but how happy you are with the work you do and your life.

For many, hitting a six-figure business is a stretch. Let me tell you, it’s far from impossible to reach (it’s roughly $8k/m). 

Today, I market broadly because the knowledge I have gathered over a decade in the music industry and entrepreneurship can help. 

I work closely with people to build strategies that work for them and their context. I understand that some of you may have concerns. 

What I will share with you comes from my experience based on my clients’ results. They follow my guidance and put in the work. 

I wish you success and prosperity